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Further, they felt that the phrases assigned to the characters would be understood as each one's own pseudo-philosophical musings rather than direct commentary from Ladbrokes presenting a call to engage in betting. We considered, in that context, the statements in ads g and i , "WHEN YOU WIN IT'S SKILL - WHEN YOU LOSE IT'S BAD LUCK" and "ONCE IS LUCK - TWICE IS TALENT", condoned an irresponsible attitude towards gambling and thereby breached the CAP Code. Clearcast said there was no indication that gambling could enhance personal qualities. More About Advertising The alternative voice of advertising, marketing and media. The first TV ad introduced five male characters, each with their own nickname. Although we recognised that some viewers had interpreted the ads to suggest that gambling was, and should be, an inherent and unifying feature of social relationships, especially for young men, on balance we were satisfied that the overall attitude towards gambling expressed in the ads was not an irresponsible one. The second VOD ad, seen on 4OD, featured the character "The Believer" playing football. They considered that the ad was nevertheless targeted at an adult audience and said it had been accompanied by other videos that showed humorous "behind the scenes" content, none of which contained links to actual bets, offers or promotions. Sexual orientation and gender identity Advice wetter wolfsburg 5 tage. Add to my favourites Essen und trinken gewinnspiele page Three issues were investigated, of which one was Upheld in relation to two ads only and two were Not upheld. They confirmed that they had not received any complaints directly and stated that the ad, which they noted appeared only on Ladbrokes' own Youtube channel, did not seem to be in breach of their content Community Guidelines relating to uploaded video content.


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